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The All American Gasoline

  • Fast, friendly service in a clean, well-lit store
  • Pay at the pump, for faster service
  • Clean restrooms so can freshen up on your trip

Gift & Fuel Cards

We offer two types of gift cards; choose your favorite:

  • Gift Card can be used at the pump and inside the store. A great gift idea that allows you to purchase all the items you need – from fuel to food.
  • Fuel Card is good only for gas purchases; perfect for your teen!
Fleet Services

Your business is responsible for a fleet; how do you keep track of gas and service expenses? Take advantage of Valero’s Fleet Services program. Choose the one that’s right for you.

  • Commercial program is best for smaller fleets that use less than 250 gallons of fuel each month.
  • Basic program gives you volume discounts and a small monthly fee.
  • Enhanced program gives you discounts, comprehensive reports and greater control over your service.


Exxon and Mobil SynergyTM Gasoline

Engineered with 7 key ingredients, working together for better gas mileage.**

Meet the team:
Fuel Detergent 1 – helps provide excellent protection against intake valve deposits in traditional PFI (Port Fuel Injector) injection engines
Fuel Detergent 2 - helps provide Intake Valve Deposit protection for PFI engines and also provides additional protection for modern Direct Injection engines. Cleaner engine parts can lead to better gas mileage
Anti-Adhesion Compound - helps prevent fuel detergents from forming a sticky film on the intake valves; which in turn helps prevents cold start problems at cold temperatures
Corrosion Inhibitor - helps prevent rust in fuel distribution system and/or key engine parts the fuel comes into contact with such as the gas tank and the intake valves
Demulsifier - helps keep water from getting entrained in our additive in the distribution system. Helps prevent accumulation of water in your gas tank by allowing it to be separated and removed
Solvent Fluid - enables the additive ingredients to stay mixed and to flow, and not freeze at very cold temperatures
Marker Molecules - ensures we can determine the correct amount of our unique additive is added to our gasoline.

Rewards & Promotions

Make the most of every gallon with promotions and programs from Exxon and Mobil.

Get gas. Get rewards. Get going.

Earn 2,000 bonus Plenti® points, worth at least $20 in savings,* when you use the Speedpass+™ app to pay for 3 fill-ups of 10 gallons or more. Terms apply.

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